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“If only, if only,” the woodpecker sighs,
“The bark on the tree was as soft as the skies.”
While the wolf waits below, hungry and lonely,
Crying to the moo-oo-oon,
“If only, If only.”

- Louis SacharHoles (via words-and-coffee)


anon asked about fem!free! and ye, felt inspired

Wings in Italy

Just got this book and I love it
Really love it
A lot






I hope the makers of this are ready to be millionaires


drink until the homicidal thoughts pass

I need this in my life


favorite follower(s)?


i love them all so much?? like literally, i do

random-roses is super fab because they’ve been w me since the start and we dont talk like ever, but they’re always there reblogging my stuff and voting and joining in on rates and ask games and stuff. it’s super cool and i really appreciate everything from ‘em

twinkcastiel teddy is just my bae. he’s literally so amazing, and one of the best friends i’ve ever had. i would give anything right now to be w him in germany or wherever. we clicked instantly and i’m so gracious of that because it’s been totally wild since we first spoke. and i wouldnt want it any other way. 

godisnotonflatbread rosie is literally amazing. we made plans to meet probably seven different times, but it never rlly worked out. hopefully we’ll be together sometime in her gap year. i’m looking forward to it. she’s in my top five most important ppl list. and i think she always will be. 

oberoncas jill !!!!! dont get me started. srsly dont. i will talk about this bitch for hours. there’s this energy about jill that makes me feel so good and comfortable. she is so important to me and i honestly feel like we’re gonna be friends for the rest of our lives. i know it’s a light-hearted thing to say, because that’s what everyone says. but i feel this friendship so deeply, and i know the statement is true. 

enochion obviously robin is the top bae of everything in my life. this kid is, so far, the love of my life and even though that’s not saying much bc i’ve only been walking for sixteen years, it means a lot now. everything we’ve done together has been amazing and i wouldn’t change anything (except maybe the time zones). if everything goes as planned, i’ll see babe in a couple months. and fuck if that’s not exciting. everything that she’s ever said has affected me and in a good way. i love her, and there’s no changing my mind about that.

deatththekidd annie is one of my first friends i’ve ever made on tumblr. we dont talk as much as we used to, but that doesnt mean i dont care about her just as much as i did last year. we have done so much together. we started a network together, and it’s been going strong for over a year. i couldnt have asked for a better friend at the time. 

jaredpadaletmelickyou divya is the potato of my heart. heart shaped Chihuahua potato. pootato. god, this lady means so so so sos osos so much to me. we’ve been through so much shit. i tried to order her a pizza once, but it didnt go super well :// but it’s been over a year and we’re still the ultimate power potatoes. i swear, i’m going to boca raton one day and i’m gonna snatch you away and take you out for bbq chicken pizza just like u like.

there are so many more people that i could write about, but i dont think u wanna hear about my super rad affection for all of the baes. if you’re not involved in this ask, dont think i dont care about you. i probably adore you. i say ‘probably’ because if i don’t adore you, i’m totally obsessing over you from afar (afar= liking all ur personal posts hoping you talk to me first)

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Debuting my new series with three new experiments.


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Everyone…I would like to introduce you to Victoria Frankenstein.



Drew some switched Disney pairings for fun ^o^ !

And Also the Ariel Twins lol.

hope u guys like !


FREE! / Pokemon crossover!!!

haru: dolphin + vaporeon

makoto: orca + lanturn

kiss me: betta fish + dewgong 

gou: shark + corsola

rei: flying fish + finneon

nagisa: sunset anthias + piplup

sousuke: whale shark + seadra

rin: shark + sharpedo

ai: pilot fish + ducklett

momotaro: clown fish + buizel

first time making a gif ((((((;v;))))))


when i went out to go see Maleficent, when i saw this fairy


I was like “Haha that looks like Umbridge”

and then she changed into a human 


And I was like “HOLY SHIT THAT IS UMBRIDGE!!111!”

and a couple rows behind me, I heard someone say “You must not tell lies” and I lost it